Glitter Tattoo $5

We create shimmering designs on ankles, arms, faces, anywhere you desire! 100's of designs & colors! We are sure to find just the option your Diva will love! #glittertattoo

  • 100's of Design & Color Combinations
  • Offered in Small - $5 (2 X 2), Medimum - $8 (4 X 4), Large - $10 (6 X 6)
  • Shimmers and creates a one-of-a-kind look
  • Safe & Kid Friendly - Simple to remove: takes rubbing alcohol & cotton ball or wash cloth to scrub the tattoo off
  • Waterproof and lasts up to a week or longer

How is a Glitter Tattoo Applied?

Glitter tattoos are a form of body art. We use a vinyl stencil applied to the skin. We then apply a 100% hypoallergenic surgical skin glue over the stencil. We then remove the stencil and wait for the glue to dry. As the glue dries, it disappears, and then we are ready to glitter!!. A this point that your Diva is able to tell us exactly where and what colors they would like to design their tattoo with!

* Note - Unlike face-painting, which only tends to last for a day, a glitter tattoo can last up to 7 days. The life of the tattoo depends on a few things. Areas that are subjected to the friction of shoes, socks, or tight-fitting clothing may cause the tattoo to rub off sooner than the 7 days.

* NOTE * All services are for entertainment only!