• A. Boswell

    "Our Daughter had the most incredible day ever at Lil Miss Sassy. The staff was out of this WORLD and catered to each and every little girls wants and needs! She got to meet Belle, Elsa, and The Little Mermaid, and several other princesses. She can't stop talking about it! Money Well Spent, nothing worth more than the smile we saw on her face!"
    #changedherworldforever #bestdayever

    A. Boswell - Loves our services, booked their next Birthday Party with Lil Miss Sassy in Lubbock, TX

  • L. Velasquez

    "Staff was great! Did a fabulous job of treating the girls like princesses for a day! Your little girl will love it!"
    #yourgirlwillloveit #treatyourprincess

    L. Velasquez raves about our princess services, treat your girl for a princess day in Lubbock, TX

  • M. Fouse

    "My 7-year-old niece was invited to a party at Lil Miss Sassy and I attended with her. I was completely amazed with the atmosphere and the superior service. Cy had an absolute blast! We will definitely be having a Diva Spa Party for her 8th Birthday"
    #myniecelovedit #newbdayplaceintown

    M. Fouse says our services ROCKS and to BOOK your next event @ Lil Miss Sassy in Lubbock, TX

  • R. Davila

    "Great and Beautiful Atmosphere for Little Girls.... The Whole Crew At Lil Miss Sassy's are very Respectful and Very Sweet. We enjoyed our time there. If you have a girls/daughters Birthday coming up I Recommend to Book your Party Here!!!"
    #youwontbedisapointed #newfavoriteplace

    R. Davila praises our Princess & Spa party services We will make your girl's dreams come true in Lubbock, TX


Dream Come True

My 2-year-old and I loved every second of our Mommy & Me Day @ LMS! I have never seen her light up and beam from ear to ear like she did when she and I got our nails and toes done in the spa and she got a Tinkerbell glitter tattoo. To top it all off she got to see the life-size castle! We have already booked her 3-year-old Princess Castle Party featuring a real life-size The Little Mermaid!

#beyondwords #thankslilmisssassy A. Frans
My Girls Loved It!

Great for girls that are toddlers through elementary!! My girls absolutely loved every part of it! They have already asked to go back to Lil Miss Sassy and meet all the Princesses. I couldn't have been happier to see the smiles it brought to my girl's faces!

#wortheverypenny B. Headley
Cutest Thing Ever!

We just had our first child this year, a boy! So I don't have a daughter, yet! But when I do I am taking her to this place! I went to a really good friend's daughters 5th Birthday at Lil Miss Sassy and it was the cutest place for little girls that I have ever seen! If you have a girl I would highly Recommend this place to have her celebration.

#cutestthingever #icantwaittohaveagirl B. Powe

Staff Was So Friendly

The staff was so friendly and great! My girls loved it and are already asking when we can go back! Bailey went to church the next day and told all the kids and her teacher all about her, her sister's, and her cousins visit to Lil Miss Sassy the day before and how they all need to go and get dressed up and meet all the real princesses!

#mygirlslovedit #wewillbeback L. Ainsworth
Best Place Ever!

I have two girls 13 and 5! This place was incredible, they had something for both of my girls totally tailored around their age, likes, and dreams! They both have asked to go back and take friends with them when they do! They absolutely loved every part of Lil Miss Sassy from the dress up princess castle tea party to the hair colorful extensions and nail art in the Diva Spa!

#foreverylilgirl #lilmisssassyrocks #cheermom M. McBryde
Super Sassy Service

Every little girl’s princess dreams right here! Staff was friendly and on top of it all! Such a fun place! She had so much fun dressing up like a princess and having a tea party in the real castle, she couldn't stop talking about it for days after our visit! We will be taking Gwen back to Lil Miss Sassy again soon!

#supersassyservice O. Ainsworth